What Is Artistry?


Artistry is a person’s ability to express his or her ideas and feelings in a thoughtful, professional manner. The Sheboygan North High School art program encourages students to develop their artistic talent by exploring ideas and figuring out how to produce the desired results. The process involves using a variety of tools and materials to express their ideas. Artistry is only as good as the voice of the individual.

Artists often use their imagination to create art, from which they can draw inspiration. For example, a person may admire a rainbow in the sky, but an artist will wonder what it means. This questioning attitude is an essential quality of an artist. Often, an artist is emotionally driven and is incredibly creative.

Another aspect of artistry relates to the ability to communicate a message through music. The power of music lies in its power to transcend daily life, and the artist must be able to translate that message through his or her performance. Although a performer should be transparent, there are artists who choose to draw attention to themselves by highlighting the difficulty of the piece.

Artistry can be a skill honed over many years. While much of the nuance of a performance can be pre-planned, memorized, or fine-tuned, the rest is a spontaneous response that is unique to the performer and the music. The artist is often inspired by the mood of the audience, the ambiance of a concert hall, and the knowledge he or she has about the piece.

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