The Art of the “Useful Failure’

struggling learners

Life is all about ups and downs. A child might face a few stumbles and falls during his child development but he must also learn to get back on his feet. This is what can be taught to a child during his child development years through the guidance of teachers. A therapeutic transformational strategy and consultancy are extremely important for the struggling learners who face difficulty during their early years at school. If a child suffers from dyslexia or Down’s syndrome or autism, then there are high chances that he would be a struggling reader at school. This can be equally challenging for the kids, teachers and even the parents.

The art of useful failure can be effectively taught to the kids during child development where the teachers and parents can help create a revolution in a child’s outlook towards life. In case your kid has trouble in reading and writing, then you can turn him into a kid with sheer optimism regarding life and future. Here’s how this can happen:

Personalized learning

With the modern technology taking over the world, it’s indeed extremely important to keep up with new ways and methods to enhance child development and help the struggling learners in their learning process. Customized learning boosts productivity in kids. Instead of going through the time taking and redundant procedures of teaching kids which follow old methods, personalized learning is smart and less time-taking. It’s high time to give up the old strategy of confining the kids to classroom. Being innovative and fun, personalized learning harnesses the talent of kids in the best possible way. Not only that, it gets easier to keep a check on your kids’ knowledge and productivity. It specifically aims to enhance child development and enhance your kid’s educational skills. It is helping teachers discover kids’ potentials so he/she can progress rapidly.


It is important to teach the struggling learners and struggling readers that life has episodes of pessimism and reality checks in between.  This can help change their outlook towards their life. The Universe never stops growing and how there is always another door open for you when one door is closed. These lessons can lead the kids to better self-realization and self-improvement.

Struggling learners and struggling readers should be made to believe in changing their outlook and believing in the power of YOU. What you think is what you become. Law of Attraction is real; therefore it is important to create a vision in your mind that depicts your dreams and aspirations. Struggling readers should be taught to build their life around their goal of becoming a better read so that they can walk towards this goal slowly every day. With detailed planning, well defined strategy and clear goals, students and teachers can help fulfill this purpose. The Universe works on the basis of positive and negative energies. Our thoughts have a phenomenal impact on our actions. As quoted in a popular book “The Secret”, “When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”


Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that mentally exercising yourself to attain your goals is quite effective just like a daily physical exercise. And if you can couple both these exercises, then that’s even better! This unique regime of spending 5 minutes on your vision that reflect your life goals can help a lot. This technique has been put into practice by many notable Olympic athletes who have sworn by the authenticity of this practice.


Therefore, struggling readers and learners should be taught these useful strategies that can help them become better at reading and learning through resilience and practice.

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