Teaching Elementary Mathematics to Struggling Learners

math for struggling learners

Teaching basic mathematics to struggling learners can prove to be a tricky task during their preschool education. Therefore, as teachers and parents, you need to use different attractive and effective instructional strategies for the struggling learner so that he is able to grasp the concepts easily. If you have a kid who struggles with math, then you need to start using a different approach to teach your kid elementary mathematics. Using a dynamic approach can help a struggling learner succeed. The teachers can also use various teaching techniques to support their kids with disabilities so that they can become quicker at problem solving during their preschool learning.

Number Lines

You can deliver the concept of number line to the kids so that they can develop a sense regarding greater and smaller numbers during their preschool learning. A number line is a valuable mathematical teaching tool which lets the struggling learners correlate the numbers to each other. You can draw a number line on the floor or board for the visual representation of the number system for the kids. This will let the kids compare the numbers and remember the order of these numbers.

Times Tables

Making the kids memorize a times table is crucial for them so that they are able to solve the complex mathematical problems in future after they have finished their preschool education. Make the struggling learners learn the basic times tables by heart. Try to form an activity and make a rhyme by singing the times table to the kids.

Use Colorful Manipulatives

Try to use brightly colored blocks, wooden sticks or plastic objects as manipulatives to explain basic operations. You can teach the simple mathematics operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by using sticks and visually representing that operation.

Playing Games

You can also ask the kids to draw blocks on the floor and then step one forward for adding. In case of subtraction, you can ask the kid to step backwards to the previous block and make the kid read the counting out loud. This will teach the struggling kids the seemingly tricky concepts of early numeracy and whole-number operations.

Teaching Fractions

The concept of fractions can be taught to the kids by breaking one whole piece of bread into different fractions and then explaining the concept of half and quarter to them. Geometry can also be taught to the struggling children by using differently shaped objects and then teaching them the concept of angles and faces.

Story Problems

Explaining a mathematical concept in the form of a story problem is another innovative way to teach the struggling learners. This helps them integrate the concepts in their daily lives as well.  In this way, the kids are able to see the relevance of math in real-world applications.

You can make the elementary mathematics a lot easier for the kids by giving them concrete examples from daily life. This will help them link the mathematics to their daily life. The teachers should thus focus on delivering multi-tiered instruction and intervention while teaching basic mathematics to the struggling learners during their preschool education.

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