Simple Math Operations (Comparison) Worksheets


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Teaching Math With A Fun & Memorable Twist!

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or even both, you are certainly familiar with learning difficulties when it comes to your kids, particularly in regard to Math.

There is, however, the right approach for everything, including struggling learners; you just have to find the right angle. We truly do hope that our Simple Math Operations Worksheets will make your life so much easier and help you teach Comparison in a fun, interesting and effective way.

The attention-catching, fun cartoon design of every single number and math symbol is exactly what you need to make every lesson memorable and enjoyable while grabbing and maintaining everyone’s attention!

From basic counting all the way to 20, to simple comparison, you will find that when arts are fused into the learning method, teaching becomes so much more fun and rewarding.

After all, teaching basic number and math skills to our children is considered by many to be the foundation of a solid education.

So Click ‘Add To Cart’ & Get Your Very Own Simple Math Operations (Compare the numbers) Worksheets Today!

– 10 worksheets – compare the numbers 0-20

– adorable cartoon number images

– 10 answers sheets – cut along the lines to match and glue the answers

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