School Numbers Learning Chart 1-20


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Learning Has Never Been Easier

Whether you are a parent, a teacher or even both, you are certainly familiar with learning difficulties when it comes to your kids, particularly in regard to numbers.

There is, however, the right approach for everything, including struggling learners; you just have to find the right angle. We truly do hope that our School Numbers Chart will make your life so much easier and help you teach numbers in a fun, interesting and effective way.

The attention-catching, fun cartoon design of every single number is exactly what you need to make every lesson memorable and enjoyable while grabbing and maintaining everyone’s attention!

From basic counting all the way to 20, to simple addition and subtraction, you will find that when arts are fused into the learning method, teaching becomes so much more fun and rewarding.

After all, teaching basic number and math skills to our children is considered by many to be the foundation of a solid education.

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– Numbers chart 1-20 – color version

– List of numbers 1-20

– Perfect for writing folders or classroom poster


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The teaching and learning trajectory needs quick altering & tweaking according to the diversified needs of the group of students. In the same regard, the requirement for the toddlers & kids to grasp the concepts is relatively contradicting to the adult ones. For the same purpose, the learning charts have the ability to do wonders and inculcate language fundamentals & basics to them in a most relaxed & flawless fashion. Involving the impact of visual images and learning display ideas in education is such an idea which is yielding high dividends and the School Numbers chart is the medium of achieving the desired outcomes in this regard.


Captivating cartoon designs:

The educational charts have a natural tendency of having the cartoon and similar other characters drawn on them. And the passion of the young generation of rest of such figures is no more an alien fact among all and sundry. So, the learning chart could help in utilizing the natural fondness of kids for the visual characters in teaching them which ultimately results in teaching the children with improved efficiency. In the same regard, Happy Art Learning’s learning charts are truly enchanting and come with such marvelous designs that are sure to charm the little ones ever so ideally.

Swift grasping of the concept:

It is such a mesmerizing function of the educational chart that it makes the learning super rapid with the help of its attractive graphics and visual display. The illustrative characters are considered as the closest weak link of the kids and by using the same spectrum, the learning chart helps in clarifying the most ambiguous and complex concepts quite easily without a lot of effort or time consumption.

Convenient demonstration of the topic:

With the virtue of learning chart, the demonstration of each topic which is totally separate & contrasting to another become relatively smooth & comfortable. With each visual image having its own meaning & background behind it, the learning topic can be clarified with the imagery in a sharp manner.

Smooth teaching:

Even for the teachers who have to deal with the students from different background & culture, the educational charts make it quite substantial to teach without having to exert extensive energy.

A thorough fun activity:

Due to the involvement of most exhilarating & exquisitely colorful visual imagery, the educational charts wonderfully combine the learning with the entertainment perspective of the children and hence, enables the students and teachers to procure the high advantage from the learning session.

Ideal for struggling ones:

For those children who are struggling with the learning capabilities or tend to have bilingual concentrations, the educational charts could be a prolific solution. Happy Art Education’s learning charts are fantastic in this regard and whether there is need to have learning seasons in the classroom or even at home, the productivity is exceptional and up to the mark.

Presentable ambiance:

Coming with the brilliant blend of solid colors and bold designs, the School Numbers chart, whether used or displayed in the home or in the school, the overall atmosphere can be renovated and appears exuberant by all the means.