Crunchy Cookies Shapes Flashcards


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The Secret To Making English Fun And Easy!

Keeping young learners engaged and entertained can be quite hard, especially when it comes to foreign languages!
With the Happy Art Education flashcards you can teach your students or children the shapes in the easiest way possible!
This vocabulary can be quite demanding for bilingual pupils and children with learning difficulties but with these innovative flashcards you can teach English in the most natural way.
The flashcards have adorable cookie cartoon designs that every child will love and they are downloadable, so you can rest assured that your lesson will be fun, engaging and memorable!

So Hurry Up And Get Yours Now To Make Any Lesson Fun!



– 20 shapes flashcards with image and name

– 4 to a page, ready to print on standard 8.5″x11″ paper/cardstock and cut along the lines to create individual flashcards.

**Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.


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Learning and teaching perspectives have been truly revolutionized for past some years or so. It is the virtue of newly introduced teaching mechanism that the learning has been truly simplified and transformed. The case is no different for the purpose of inculcating language skills & command among the infants & kindergartens where the flashcards are really making a difference. With the help of our shapes flashcards, the burdensome learning processes have been converted into most enchanting and exciting ones, also, the kids have been able to learn without much struggle.

How do Flashcards assist with language learning?

The flashcards are the latest sensation in the teaching dimension and tend to appeal the children big time. For the struggling learners and even bilingual children, flashcards offer a visual attraction which stimulates their learning capabilities and plays a vital role in better understanding. Other than the appearance mesmerization, the remembering and repeating factor also get developed which makes the students to learn the language smoothly and have a better grasp without spending too much of the time. Besides, the flashcards also make it simplistic for the parents & even teachers to make their kids understand different aspects that could enhance their intuitive skills as a whole.


Visual attraction:

For the entire of children around the globe, the visuals have the ability to do wonders in a mostly smooth fashion. So, the idea is to use the same visual charm with the help of flashcards which will naturally persuade the kids and end up making them learn a lot without having to get tired of the process by any means.

Inspirational factor:

Due to the involvement of cartoon characters with the Happy Art Education’s shapes flashcards, the kids will not take the study as a laborious activity but more of a fun thing which will influence the young generation to do something exceptional and take the next step which will involve learning quite comfortably.

Excessive attention:

Pictorial characters are something which exuberates and exhilarates the little children a lot, and thus, by using the flashcards, the attention of all the young students can be attained more than ever which will benefit both, students and teachers.

Convenient memorization:

As compared to the conventional methods, for the struggling learners, the Crunchy Cookies Shapes Flashcards come up with the easy memorization perk, it is particularly due to the involvement of drawn characters which influence the brain of kids better than anything else.

Helpful for teachers:

It is such a magnificent characteristic of the flashcards that it makes life convenient for the teachers as well, they do not have to spend a lot of time in teaching and can get the job done with the help of our Crunchy Cookies Shapes Flashcards quite swiftly.

Wonderful impact for struggling children:

Not only for the mainstream kids but for struggling learners and the ones who are bilingual children, the flashcards make it tremendously superior for the rest of stakeholders to learn & teach the basics of the language and ultimately have a robust grip.

Fun & learning combination:

Flashcards are one of the rare methods available for teaching & learning which combine a magical blend of fun and learning together and hence, yield the fruitful effects for teachers, students, and even parents.

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