Multi-sensory Instruction – An Effective Pathway for Kids Learning

multi-sensory learning

Multi-sensory instruction is an effective methodology for teaching preschool children. It involves using media rich elements to teach the preschool children the basic concepts of science, math, arts and languages creatively. The kids don’t have to keep sitting in boredom in the classroom during this mode of teaching. They are made to involve in different hands-on activities like experiments, playing, drawing, painting and different visual aids that make studying an interesting activity for them. Therefore, the children who are struggling learners are able to grasp the concepts in a better manner through multi-sensory instruction.

When the babies are growing up from being a toddler to a young kid, his brain undergoes a lot of changes.  During the child development phase, the kids slowly and gradually building complex yet intricate connections between their brain cells which are known as “neural pathways. “This nexus of brain cells helps the kids in learning languages between ages 2 and 7 years. Gradually, they start forming sentences and reading story books. The child development phase plays a crucial role in learning new things. Moreover, a kid’s personality also starts forming at this age.  After a kid turns 7, he enters a logical phase of his life where he starts associating different facts and figures together with the evidences they encounter in their everyday lives.  Therefore, kids start looking at different actions as ‘causes and effects’. Brick by brick, they build a whole mansion of their memories.

Word building

Word building can be taught to the preschool children using different colorful tiles which code for different alphabets. The vowels can be of same colored tiles for recognition and the consonants can be of different colored tiles. This will help the children build a word and pronounce it correctly.

Tapping Out Sounds

Another interesting activity that can be incorporated during multi-sensory teaching is making the kids use their hearing ability to make sounds. Through making tapping sound and blending it with the sound of words, the students will learn to differentiate between the way different words sound and feel.  These tapping sounds can be made by using the fingers and thumb.

Story Sticks

Vibrantly colored and attractive craft sticks can also be used as visual aids to help preschool children learn. If the kids struggle with reading comprehension, these sticks can be used by the teacher to help understand how they should respond.

Reading books

Reading a book together with the teacher and rotating it around can be a fun activity for the preschool children. This will help them interact with the teacher in a shared environment.  An audio version of a story book can also be used for this purpose. The kids can underline the words and circle them according to the part of speech they are.

Therefore, multi-sensory instruction is indeed an effective method in child development as it helps delivering important concepts to the struggling learners during their preschool learning. Multi-sensory instruction relies on different senses of the child and makes them more active. Through this form of learning, kids learn to use their senses creatively in order to understand the lessons in a better way.

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