Innovative Mobile Apps for Struggling Readers

mobile apps for struggling learners

Struggling readers can find the process of learning new words and reading a lot more difficult than others. However, many useful educational apps have made this process easier through different educational games and activities. These educational games have been designed by tech geeks and brainiacs who decrypted the process of how kids encode an information. Creating a memory in kids is an intricate biological phenomenon. It makes use of kids’ senses and their perception as well. Kids recognize the physical features or sound of a person, and then start recognizing that person. Similar phenomenon applies during the learning process of the kids. They pick the sound of alphabets and different visuals linked with that alphabet, in order to integrate all these perceptions together. Therefore, as the kids link different objects with their shapes, sounds, smell and touch, this particular biological phenomenon has been used to improve the learning pace of struggling readers through educational apps and games.

Alphabet apps

Like the alphabet apps use the visual senses of struggling readers and help these kids link that object with the alphabet. Therefore, when the kids see an ‘apple’ or an ‘ant’, he immediately utters the alphabet A. Apart from that, the auditory senses of the kids can also help them learn correct pronunciation of the alphabets. Different tracing apps like the one of Happy Art Education makes use of tracing to teach the children animal alphabet letters. This dramatically improves the memory retention in struggling readers and also helps them increase their focus and motivation.

Word formation games

Many educational apps use games like crossword, bingo and other guessing games to teach the struggling readers new words. Color ball and vertical match are different games that help these kids learn better and quicker. These educational games have attractive animations to make the learning process more interesting for the kids. Phonics and rhyming words are also taught to these struggling readers, and thus these educational games aid them in their learning. These educational games and apps also enhance the vocabulary of kindergarteners.

Educational games

Different visually attractive objects like magnetic tiles and colorful balls can be used to teach the struggling readers new words. These objects let the kids play more imaginatively and link new words with these objects. Teachers should use toy rocket ships, colorful stuff toys and balls to teach new words to the struggling readers.

Therefore, mobile apps can make a huge difference in speeding up the learning and improving the reading skills of kids. This helps create an active and constructive environment for the struggling readers who feel difficulty in reading and learning at school.  Different educational games help these kids to pay attention, memorize, and understand better. They involve a plethora of cognitive activities which encourage active engagement of the learner. Therefore, these innovative educational apps and games create interesting and challenging learning environments for the kids. Teachers and parents should, therefore, use these educational apps as useful tools to teach the struggling readers new words and help them become better learners.

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