For you Mom – Most Reliable Spell Check Techniques

Reliable spell check techniques

Struggling readers like the children suffering from dyslexia and ADHD are prone to making more spelling errors than others. Spelling is an activity that requires a lot of mental attention and motor skills. Therefore, struggling children e.g. children with dyslexia might find it hard to grasp a spelling connection. A child might find it troubling to isolate different sounds present in a particular word. He might also find it puzzling to match various sounds to the alphabets and then pronounce it altogether.  Struggling readers find different sounds and letter puzzling. Moreover, the concept of vowels and the order of letters might seem too tricky to them. It can eventually lead to misspelling of the words and poor memory of the spellings of these words.

As a mom, you can make a huge impact on the learning development of your child. You can utilize any spare time to work on the spellings of your child and improving them. This will lead to stronger bond between you and your child. Moreover, it will also help you understand your child’s progress in spellings. Being a mom, you’ll need to be empathetic towards your child and help him progress.

Tiles and Flashcards

You should have an encouraging and friendly attitude towards your child so that he doesn’t get disappointed by his mistakes. Try backing up the child morally and pinpoint his mistakes in a friendly manner.  You can also make a struggling reader practice the key spelling concepts by using different colored letter tiles as well as flashcards. Try to make everything look attractive and interesting. Avoid teaching your child in a boring and redundant manner.


Another help technique is daily dictation. Pick out the toughest words from a lesson or an essay, Dictate the words to the child and then check his spellings.

Multisensory approach

You can try a multisensory approach to help the struggling readers connect letter sounds with the letter symbols. Apart from that, you can also use an evidence-based approach to help the children properly spell different words.

Origin and meanings

Try to explain the origin of the word and the meaning, so that the children are able to retain the spellings in their mind. Getting to know the essence of different words can help them with the spellings.  Try to associate a story with a word so that the word stays in the mind of the child.

Direct Instruction and Phonetically focused tutoring

Moms can try one-to-one tutoring at home while helping their kids with the homework so that the reading performance is improved in their kids. Various tutoring models that are aimed to improve the phonics, called the phonetically focused tutoring, are also important tools that can help the struggling learners. Focusing on sounds can help the struggling learners a lot.

Therefore, different smartly and carefully planned alternative approaches for struggling readers in their pre-schooling ages from age 5–10, can help them become better readers.  To sum it all up, moms can encourage their children and can improve the reading abilities of their preschoolers quickly and effectively.

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