Direct instruction method for struggling learners

teaching struggling learners

Teaching struggling learners might seem to be a tricky job. Children with language development problems or speech disorders might be a little slow at grasping new concepts and learning new words. Therefore, direct instruction method is the only proven method that helps struggling learners learn effectively.

Clear Delivery

Direct instruction method is not complex at all. If a teacher knows exactly what he/she is talking about, the child will not face any difficulty in understanding the teacher. It is based on direct and spontaneous delivery. The struggling learners are able to communicate directly with the teacher and ask them questions without any hesitation.

One to One Communication

Teachers can socialize and talk to the struggling learner in the direct instruction method. Children can make eye contact with the teacher and focus on what is being taught. This develops a strong bond between students and teachers. Struggling learners open up with their teacher and this helps teacher understand the needs of the student.

Personalized Teaching

In this instruction method, the teacher can focus on teaching exactly what the struggling learner needs to learn. The teacher can customize and personalize their teaching methodology for the struggling learner. They can ask the struggling learners questions and help them answer. In case a child learns slowly, the teacher can slow down his teaching pace for the child as well. In case a struggling learner suffers from a speech disorder and uses more vocal repetitions or word fillers, then the teacher would be more patient towards him. In case a student stammers, then the teacher will be able to deal with him patiently. Some struggling learners might have significant language delays in their speech or their listening comprehension can be impaired. In this case, the teacher will be able to repeat the story for them.

Lesser Ambiguity

Direct instruction eliminates the chances of misinterpretation of a piece of information being taught by the teacher. Teachers are able to use well-tested materials to teach them the concepts and can also demonstrate a particular concept in the class. The struggling learners don’t have to do the guess work. They are given concise and to the point information by the teachers.

Improved learning

It’s high time to give up the old strategy of monotonous classroom lessons which are unable to grab attention of children and give them a take-home message. Being innovative and fun, the personalized direct lessons are perfect to impart the necessary knowledge to struggling learners and harness their talents in the best possible way. It also boosts the productivity of struggling learners.  The teachers can engage the children to engage in different interesting activities. These activities can be in the form of group activities as well as individual ones. Children can be taught different basic concepts in the form of interesting games and riddles. This will make the classroom environment more conducive for the language development for struggling learners.

Therefore, direct instruction method is the most appropriate and effective method for an improved language development in struggling learners.

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