Constant Review Benefits for Struggling Learners

Constant Review Benefits for Struggling Learners

As a teacher or a parent, you need to keep a consistent and regular review to check the work done by the struggling readers. Whether it’s an essay or a composition, or it’s a regular homework done by the child; it’s always essential to recheck their work. Here are some of the benefits of constantly reviewing the work of your child:

Evaluation and Progress

This is necessary to keep a check on the struggling reader’s progress and evaluate their performance every day. This helps to know whether the child is grasping the key concepts and learning the correct spellings or not.

Practice for Improvement

Moreover, practice makes a man perfect. Hence, you need to encourage the child to keep practicing the spellings and learn from his mistakes. One of the most effective techniques is to make a child do a correction after he has made a mistake. Making him revise the spellings can help him become better at them. You should also do a regular spell check and discuss the spelling errors with the child so that he starts mastering these spellings. The goal of this practice is to strengthen the spellings of your child and to help him polish his verbal and written communication as well. You certainly don’t want your child to temporarily memorize the words but you rather want your child to progress in the domain of language development. In this way you can focus on the phonetic nature of spelling to help your child decode the language. This will definitely improve the spelling ability of your child.

Check the spelling patterns

A constant review also makes the child attentive to his previous grammatical or spelling errors. This will make him wary and conscious regarding his work. Constant review and check prompt a child to work carefully. Moreover, this will also help your child in working on the common spelling patterns and in learning the correct spelling.  You can easily teach your kid regarding the exceptions in spellings of certain words and any anomalies in the common spelling patterns.  All these activities will lead to an improvement in spelling of your child. He will learn the tricky and tough spellings in this.

Achieving a spelling success and helping them improve their language is certainly not an easy task. However, memorizing some common spelling patterns and following different helpful guidelines can surely make a huge difference in the academic progress of your child. If you have a preschooler who feels difficulty in doing his homework then assigning an hour or two to him will make a huge difference for him. This habit for constant review plays a vital role in making the struggling learners progress constantly and slowly each and every day. Consistency is indeed the key to making a struggling learner a better reader, writer and a speaker. The constant attention, focus and care given by the parents and the teachers will surely be translated in the form of the rapid language development of the struggling learner.

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