Welcome To Happy Art Education, Where Fun & Learning Become One!

Inspired by our love for language learning and children, we have built this playground of education that children, teachers, and parents will love!

The colorful graphics, funny silly sounds, and fascinating animations will keep any child from two to six years old hooked, while simultaneously boosting early language development, fun and easy learning, increased motivation and concentration, and much more!

Bilinguals or children who are facing difficulties learning English will discover a new, interesting, and simple way to find the beauty of language!

Our mission is to solve a problem that, being parents ourselves, have realized how challenging it can be; keep the little ones’ interest while helping them to truly acquire intimate and foundational knowledge of the English language and the surrounding world. We aim to help find the right approach to children’s early education, as well as help reduce the distance between teacher and student through our creative materials and innovative apps.

Their smiles, along with their parents’ or instructors’ smiles are our greatest reward!

Welcome To Happy Art Education; We Are Happy You’re With Us!